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Tak this mdication by mouth with without ood, usually onc daily as dictd by you docto. Tak this mdication xactly as pscibd. You may b instuctd ttak a high dos th ist 3 days tatmnt.

Diaha, nausa, and dizzinss may occu. I any ths cts psist wosn, tll you doctphamacist pomptly.

Busing this mdication, tll you doctphamacist you mdical histoy, spcially o: immun systm disod (.g., HIV inction), cunt/cnt inction (.g., tubculosis), canc, bon maow/blood disod, kidny disas, liv disas (.g., hpatitis B C), alcohol abus, hat disas (.g., congstiv hat ailu), high blood pssu, lung disas.

Aava is a typ mdicin usd ttat humatoid psoiatic athitis. Aava hlps tslow down th pocss joint damag and tliv th symptoms th disas, such as joint tndnss and swlling, pain and moning stinss.

You should not tak Aava i you a allgic tth dug any its ingdints. 1 Som popl can alsxpinc sv inctions as a sult taking Aava. It is impotant ttll you doctimmdiatly i you dvlop an inction whil on this dug i you hav an immunodicincy condition lik HIV hav v tstd positiv tubculosis. 1.

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