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Month after month she sprinkled tulasi with milk, sugar-cane juice, grape-juice, mango-juice, pancamrta, and many kinds of sweet and cool juices.

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Assists in calming and dilating the lung’s airwaysthus relieving chest congestion.

At one pointSrila Prabhupada told us that Tulasi Devi was a great devotee of Lord Krishnaand that her husbanda demonwas killed by KrishnaThen Prabhupada stopped short and became thoughtfulMy intuition was that he had given us as much as we could then understand.

Helps suppress cough and aids the mobilization of mucusAssists in calming and dilating the lung’s airwaysthus relieving chest congestionThe oleonolic acidurosolic acid and polyphenolic constituents in Tulasi help in alleviating allergic or infection induced airway inflammationModulates healthy immune response and supports early recovery from respiratory illness.

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proper watering has to be adjusted according to weather, climate, size, soil and the particular nature of the individual tulasi plant.

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