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The herbsused in Ophthacare eye dropsare reported to have various pharmacological activitieswhich in combination has produced a synergistic effect in terms of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities Ophthacare has cooling properties which works against the underlying.

Most drugs have some kind of side effects associated with themHowevermost people do not experience them at all or experience just mild side effects which subside as the body adjusts to the medicine.

An open prospective multicentre clinical trial was conducted in patients suffering from various ophthalmic disorders namelyconjunctivitisconjunctival xerosisdry eyeacute dacryocystitisdegenerative conditionspterygium or pingueculaand postoperative cataract patients with a herbal eye drop preparationOphthacarecontaining basic principles of different herbs which have been conventionally used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine since time immemorialThese include Carum copticumTerminalia beliricaEmblica officinalisCurcuma longaOcimum sanctumCinnamomum camphoraRosa damascena and meldespumapumThese herbs reportedly possess antiinfective and antiinflammatory propertiesThe present study was undertaken to elucidate the role of this herbal product in a variety of eye ailmentsSide effectsif anywere noted during the studyAn improvement was observed with the treatment of the herbal eye drop treatment in most casesThere were no side effects observed during the course of the study and the eye drop was well tolerated by the patientsThe herbal eye drop Ophthacare has a useful role in a variety of infectiveinflammatory and degenerative ophthalmic disorders.

Most drugs have some kind of side effects associated with themHowevermost people do not experience them at all or experience just mild side effects which subside as the body adjusts to the medicine.

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