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Individual results danocrine- danazol may vary.

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Information about Danazol.

XDo not use in pregnancyRisks involved outweigh potential benefitsSafer alternatives exist.

4For the control of benignmultiple or recurrent breast cysts in conjunction with aspiration.

Thromboembolismthrombotic and thrombophlebitic events including sagittal sinus thrombosis and life-threatening or fatal strokes have been reported.

The following reactions have been reporteda causal relationship to the administration of Danazol has neither been confirmed nor refutedallergicurticariapruritus and rarelynasal congestionCNS effectsheadachenervousness and emotional labilitydizziness and faintingdepressionfatiguesleep disorderstremorparesthesiasweaknessvisual disturbancesand rarelybenign intracranial hypertensionanxietychanges in appetitechillsand rarely convulsionsGuillain-Barre syndromegastrointestinalgastroenteritisnauseavomitingconstipationand rarelypancreatitismusculoskeletalmuscle cramps or spasmsor painsjoint painjoint lockupjoint swellingpain in backneckor extremitiesand rarelycarpal tunnel syndrome which may be secondary to fluid retentiongenitourinaryhematuriaprolonged posttherapy amenorrheahematologican increase in red cell and platelet countReversible erythrocytosisleukocytosis or polycythemia may be provokedEosinophilialeukopenia and thrombocytopenia have also been notedSkinrashesmaculopapularvesicularpapularpurpuricpetechialand rarelysun sensitivityStevens-Johnson syndromeotherincreased insulin requirements in diabetic patientschange in libidoelevation in blood pressureand rarelycataractsbleeding gumsfeverpelvic painnipple dischargeMalignant liver tumors have been reported in rare instancesafter long-term use.

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if you re using danazol medicine for an extended period of time, obtain refills before your supply runs out.

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