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Discontinu homonal thapy pitstating thapy with combination dug gimn ombitasvi/paitapvi/itonavi, with without dasabuvi; may stat appoximatly 2 wks ollowing compltion tatmnt with combination dug gimn.

1 activ tablt PO daily 21 days, thn 1 int tablt PO daily 7 days (ollow manuactu’s colo-coding squnc)

I this is th ist tim you a using this mdication and you a not switching om anoth om homonal bith contol (such as patch, oth bith contol pills), tak th ist tablt in th pack on th ist Sunday ollowing th bginning you mnstual piod on th ist day you piod. I you piod bgins on a Sunday, bgin taking this mdication on that day. th ist cycl us only, us an additional om non-homonal bith contol (such as condoms, spmicid) th ist 7 days tpvnt pgnancy until th mdication has nough tim twok. I you stat on th ist day you piod, you dnot nd tus back-up bith contol th ist wk.

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alesse ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel tablets are used to prevent pregnancy.

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