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It is not known whether the components of atrovent ls areexcreted in human milk.

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I Atovnt HA is accidntally spayd in th ys, it can caus a sious y condition calld naow-angl glaucoma. popl whalady hav naow-angl glaucoma, it can caus this condition tgt wos. Spaying Atovnt HA in th ys can alscaus symptoms such as, y pain and discomot, bluy vision and dilatd pupils.

Allgic actions may occu, including itching, swlling th ac, lips, tongu, thoat (involving diiculty in bathing swallowing), ash, hivs, bonchospasm (aiway naowing), anaphylaxis. Som ths may b sious. I you xpinc any ths symptoms, stop taking ATOVNT HA at onc and call you doctgt mgncy hlp.

Initial pump piming quis svn spays th pump. I usd gulaly as commndd, nuth piming is quid. I not usd mthan 24 hous, th pump will qui twspays, i not usd mthan svn days, th pump will qui svn spays tpim. Avoid spaying intys.

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