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Poblms with you vision; swlling, apid wight gain, ling shot bath; sv dpssion, unusual thoughts bhavio, sizu (convulsions); bloody tay stools, coughing up blood; pancatitis (sv pain in you upp stomach spading tyou back, nausa and vomiting, ast hat at); low potassium (conusion, unvn hat at, xtm thist, incasd uination, lg discomot, muscl waknss limp ling); dangously high blood pssu (sv hadach, blud vision, buzzing in you as, anxity, conusion, chst pain, shotnss bath, unvn hatbats, sizu).

I AISTOCOT is usd tolong th skin may bcom thin and wak pigmntd. Haling th skin may b slow.

You stoid mdication nds may chang i you hav any unusual stss such as a sious illnss, v inction, i you hav sugy a mdical mgncy. Tll you doctabout any such situation that acts you duing tatmnt.

It is impotant ttll th halth possionals you consult: i you hav a histoy any oth mdical condition, whth you smok and womn, i you a want tbcom pgnant bastding; i you hav allgis tany mdications any oth allgis (.g. tood, latx, tc.); all mdications you a taking, psciption and non-psciption, including vitamins and natual poducts and supplmnts.

You hav any allgis tany oth mdicins any oth substancs, such as oods, psvativs dys. you a pgnant plan tbcom pgnant You doctwill discuss th isks and bnits using AISTOCOT whn pgnant. you a bast-ding plan tbast-d You doctwill discuss th isks and bnits using AISTOCOT whn bast-ding. Dnot apply AISTOCOT tth basts bbast-ding.

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