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The pocket pharmacopoeia is edited by a panel of drug information experts with extensive peer review and input from more than 50 practicing clinicians of multiple specialties.

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Th amount mdicin that you tak dpnds on th stngth th mdicin. Also, th numb doss you tak ach day, th tim allowd btwn doss, and th lngth tim you tak th mdicin dpnd on th mdical poblm which you a using th mdicin.

Constant ocul scatching th skin/scalp may lad ta bactial skin inction. Tll you doctight away i you dvlop wosning dnss pus.

Ctain mdicins should not b usd at aound th tim ating ood ating ctain typs ood sinc intactions may occu. Using alcohol tobaccwith ctain mdicins may alscaus intactions toccu. Discuss with you halthca possional th us you mdicin with ood, alcohol, tobacco.

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