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Detection of tetracycline resistance genes and the int gene.

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Several studies on the adsorption of tetracyclines in relation to the adsorbent matrix components are given below.

In this work is presented the processes of obtaining tetracyclinethe treatment of their waste and the environmental impact assessment of waste containing tetracycline.

Do not use this medication if you are pregnantIt could cause harm to the unborn babyincluding permanent discoloration of the teeth later in lifeTetracycline can make birth control pills less effectiveUse a second method of birth control while you are taking tetracycline to keep from getting pregnant.

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prevention of tetracycline or minocycline induced teeth staining or discoloration is most easily done by avoiding tetracycline use during periods of mineralization or calcification , which generally occurs in children up to the age of 8 years old.

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