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Be careful with generic lioresal if you are taking tricyclic antidepressants such aselavil, sinequan or with monoamine oxidase inhibitors such as nardil, parnate .

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Information about Lioresal.

Precautions in special patient populationsCareful dose titration of LIORESAL INTRATHECAL is needed when spasticity is necessary to sustain upright posture and balance in locomotion or whenever spasticity is used to obtain optimal function and care.

Because Lioresal is primarily excreted unchanged through the kidneysit should be given with cautionand it may be necessary to reduce the dosage.

In patients with epilepsythe clinical state and electroencephalogram should be monitored at regular intervalssince deterioration in seizure control and EEG have been reported occasionally in patients taking Lioresal.

Rapidaccurate diagnosis and treatment in an emergency-room or intensive-care setting are important in order to prevent the potentially life-threatening central nervous system and systemic effects of intrathecal baclofen withdrawalThe suggested treatment for intrathecal baclofen withdrawal is the restoration of intrathecal baclofen at or near the same dosage as before therapy was interruptedHoweverif restoration of intrathecal delivery is delayedtreatment with GABA-ergic agonist drugs such as oral or enteral baclofenor oralenteralor intravenous benzodiazepines may prevent potentially fatal sequelaeOral or enteral baclofen alone should not be relied upon to halt the progression of intrathecal baclofen withdrawal.

Check the labels on all your medicinessuch as allergy or cough-and-cold productsbecause they may contain ingredients that cause drowsinessAsk your pharmacist about using those products safely.

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