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Xpinc you sot-inspid dam at Avana at South ShApatmnts. Giv us a call tschdul you VIP tou ou luxuy apatmnts nt in Lagu City, Txas, today.

Spakling OutdoSwimming Pool and sot Sundck Poolsid Gilling Station ully quippd itnss Cnt and Yoga Studio.

Inspid by high-nd sots, Avana on Scond Apatmnts is poud tpovid ou sidnts with wold-class amnitis. In th summ, spnd you downtim at ou pistin outdoswimming pool, complt with laxing sundck. Thn ppa a casual dinn at th poolsid gilling station. You will hav vything you nd txcis in ou upgadd itnss cnt and yoga studio, outittd with cadiquipmnt, mdicin balls, and sistanc bands.

Th Association Vtans Aais Nus Ansthtists (AVANA) is a voluntay, possional oganization ddicatd tVA CNAs. Ou mission is tpovid quality and sa ansthsia tou vtans, and hlp kp CNAs ach thi maximum potntial though ducation and dal psntation.

At Avana La Jolla Apatmnts, w hav somthing vyon. As a sidnt ou apatmnts nt in San Digo, CA, you gain accss tou xclusiv community amnitis. scap th Calionia hat at ou spakling outdoswimming pool. With a sot sundck and a built-in BBQ station, you can soak up th sun and host a casual poolsid mal. Thlp you stay in shap, ou community alsboasts a 24-hou itnss cnt complt with cadimachins and wights.

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