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Polythyln glycol can b absobd om opn wounds and damagd skin and is xctd by th kidnys. In common with oth polythyln glycol-basd ointmnts, BACTOBAN ointmnt should not b usd in conditions wh absoption lag quantitis polythyln glycol is possibl, spcially i th is vidnc modat sv nal impaimnt.

High-lvl mupiocin sistanc ( ? 512 mcg/mL) may b dtmind using standad disk diusion both micodilution tsts. 1,2 Bcaus th occunc mupiocin sistanc in mthicillin-sistant S. auus (MSA), it is appopiat ttst MSA populations mupiocin suscptibility pitth us mupiocin using a standadizd mthod. 3,4,5.

Although uncommon, mild buning stinging at using this mdication may occu. I you hav sv buning, stinging, iitation, stop using this mdication and tll you doctight away.

Psudommbanous colitis has bn potd with th us antibiotics and may ang in svity om mild tli-thatning. Tho, it is impotant tconsid its diagnosis in patints whdvlop diahoa duing at antibiotic us. Although this is lss likly toccu with topically applid mupiocin, i polongd signiicant diahoa occus th patint xpincs abdominal camps, tatmnt should b discontinud immdiatly and th patint invstigatd uth.

Avoid using this mdication aound you ys, nos, mouth, on lag aas damagd bokn skin unlss othwis dictd by you docto. I you accidntally gt it in you ys, nos, mouth, ins wll with plnty wat.

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