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Information about Arimidex.

You should not us Aimidx i you a allgic tanastozol, i you a bast-ding a baby, i you hav not yt compltd mnopaus. Aimidx is not us in mn childn.

Hot lashs, hadach, toubl slping, dizzinss, stomach upst, nausa/vomiting, constipation, diaha, loss apptit, wight gain, tidnss/waknss, incasd coughing, sthoat may occu. I any ths cts last gt wos, tll you doctphamacist pomptly.

Signs a stok – suddn numbnss waknss (spcially on on sid th body), suddn sv hadach, slud spch, poblms with vision balanc; o.

Anastozol is usd mainly in womn at mnopaus. I you hav not gon though mnopaus, this mdication must not b usd duing pgnancy. It may ham an unbon baby. Discuss th us liabl oms bith contol (such as latx condoms) with you docto. Poducts containing stogn (such as bith contol pills) should not b usd. I you bcom pgnant think you may b pgnant, tll you doctight away.

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arimidex may also cause you to have tickling, tingling or numbness of your skin.

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