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Many things can act th dos a mdication that a pson nds, such as body wight, oth mdical conditions, and oth mdications. I you docthas commndd a dos dint om th ons listd h, dnot chang th way that you a taking th mdication without consulting you docto.

Dpssion that is long lasting and/msv than th “low moods” that vyon has om tim ttim du tth stss vyday li. Dpssion is thought tb causd by a chmical imbalanc in pats th bain. This imbalanc acts you whol body and can caus motional and physical symptoms such as ling low in spiit, loss intst in activitis, bing unabl tnjoy li, poapptit ovating, distubd slp, loss sx div, lack ngy and lings guilt. obsssiv-compulsiv disods (OCD) and phobias in adults. muscl waknss in popl with a slp disod calld nacolpsy.

I you tak tomuch Anaanil, you may l slpy, stlss agitatd. You may hav stinss unusual muscl movmnts, v, swating, vomiting, diiculty bathing, a dop in blood pssu, ast igula hatbat, its oth symptoms.

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